We are ... Digital Tangents

We are a web services development and hosting company specializing in advanced learning management systems

Digital Tangents is a small startup company formed by the former Chief Technology Officer of TheAcademy.com, a San Antonio Texas based e-learning and online learning company, makers of the Athena Learning Management System (LMS).

Digital Tangents (DTs) is a cloud services company, managing and supporting the existing Athena LMS as well as developing and supporting new products such as a member/employee management system and an inventory management and ecommerce system. The company is committed to supported the existing customer base of the Athena LMS and working with them to improve the overall online learning experience

The company has come out with a re-worked, easier-to-use and enhanced administrative dashboard for its LMS, combining current, separate LMS administrative functions into a more cohesive whole, utilizing modern interface elements and work processes. The company’s enhanced training content service project allows training administrators to submit a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, complete with text, graphics and interactive elements, to Digital Tangent’s Course Service and have it converted to a SCORM-compliant online training course hosted within its Advanced Learning Services

By the middle of 2018, Digital Tangents plans to incorporate the latest e-learning interface system into its LMS so that users will be able to take training while offline via mobile devices and then have the system automatically sync up to the cloud servers when back online.